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About journal title lists

About journal term lists
  • Term lists are used to maintain the consistency and accuracy of author names, journal titles and keywords in an EndNote library. 
  • Entries are automatically created whenever a reference is added to an EndNote Library. 
  • Journal entries can also include standard abbreviations which are required for styles such as Vancouver and many other medical or scientific referencing styles

You can import journal term lists for many disciplines. These lists contain the preferred full title as well as up to three abbreviated versions of the title.

There are also more term lists available for download from the EndNote website.

EndNote 20 - Installing Journal Abbreviations

  1. Go to Library > Open Term Lists > Journal Term list
  2. Delete the journals that are appearing on the journals list to start afresh
  3. Click on the Lists tab
  4. Click Import List

    Pop up, Term Lists.  Terms and Lists tabs are circled as well as Import List.
  5. Click the list that is most appropriate for your topic. For dentistry, choose 'Medical' 

    Note if you are on a Mac, you will need to navigate to the Term Lists folder. It can be found under Applications > EndNote > Term lists
  6. Click Open then OK
  7. If you want to install more lists, click Import List... again.
  8. Click Close when you have finished.

EndNote 20 - Installing Journal Abbreviations tutorial

Full screen

2 minutes 48 seconds

EndNote 20 - Editing Journal Abbreviations

  1. Go to Library > Open Term Lists > Journal Term list
  2. You can add New Terms for journals that aren't in the list, and you can also Edit existing terms and delete terms. 
  3. To edit an individual journal, start typing the name and the list should show the title you want. Once you locate it click the Edit Term button.

    Endnote screenshot of Term Lists highlighting Edit Journal.
  4. Make changes to the title of the journal and add abbreviations if required.
  5. Click OK to save your changes
  6. Click Close to shut the Terms List window.



Finding journal abbreviations

Below are links to find more journal abbreviations sources other than the lists provided with EndNote.

Importing lists from the web

You can also import lists from the web, such as the PMEL list for Environmental Sciences by doing some extra steps.

  1. Highlight all the titles in the list and the abbreviations and copy them
  2. Open a Notepad or Text editor window and paste the titles from the web list
  3. Save the file with a .txt extension
  4. If the full journal title is in the first column then load the text file using the same methods that you use to import a journal term list.
  5. If the abbreviation is in the first column, then follow the instructions on how to change a tab-delimited text file to a CSV file.
  6. Once  the file is open in Excel, move the full journal title column to the first column of the spreadsheet and save the file as a .txt file. Go back to step 4.

Creating journal lists

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